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Terms and conditions for students

1. Registration Rs.500/- will be charged for the first month of Joining.

2. Course fee will revise every year in January.

3. Tuition subscription fees to be paid in advance, by 5th of every month. For delays every week Rs. 100/- late payment charges will be applicable.

4. If student is absent due to his/her personal reason the full month’s fees is applicable and cannot be
substituted with additional classes.

5. In case a student is absent for more than one month and not paid the monthly fees, the trainer may choose
to allot the slot another student in that particular batch.

6. If student is absent for 2 months in a row then he/she will have to re-register him/herself .(Rs.500/-)

7. No guardian is allowed in the class room during the training sessions.

8. Dress code is compulsory.

9. Examination guidance is available for students who are keen to take up. However, the relevant expenses
such as examination registration, orchestra and extra class will be charged additionally. The same will be
communicated well in advance to students and parents/guardians.

10. Selection of student for live performances will be soles based on the discretion of the trainer/teacher.
However, it would our endeavor to give opportunities all students as a when possible.

11. Annual show case of studio will be every alternate year.

12. Following are the declared public holidays and any class falling on those days will not be conducted and
neither there will be any compensatory classes. 

Holiday list:

~1st January
~3 Days Makar Sankranti
~Republic Day
~Vasant Panchami

~Good Friday

~Ram Navami

~1 week of Summer Holiday

~Ratha Yatra


~15th August


~Raksha Bandhan


~Ganesh Chaturthi
~Gandhi Jayanti
~1 Week during Dussehra
~Christmas Holiday 25th to 1st January

I have read the studio policies carefully and agree to comply with the terms and conditions laid therein

Thanks for registering. We received your application. Check your Email for Conformation

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